Arcadia Biosciences, Inc. is selling its GoodWheat reduced gluten wheat flour online for a limited time. The flour contains 65 percent less gluten than traditional flour, and it contains 10 grams of fiber per 2-lb bag.
The 2-lb bags may be purchased for $12.99 each until they sell out at Arcadia Biosciences has made 500 bags available, which should ship in early January. A full-scale release is planned for next spring.
“Many consumers are looking to reduce their gluten intake, either as a result of a sensitivity or because they simply feel better, and our GoodWheat reduced gluten wheat flour allows them to enjoy their favorite recipes without compromising on taste and texture,” says Sarah Reiter, chief commercial officer for Davis-based Arcadia Biosciences.
The Connell Group conducted research on behalf of Arcadia Biosciences that found 26 percent of American consumers consider themselves to be gluten reducers, meaning they do not have gluten-related medical conditions but say they feel better by eating less gluten.
“Wheat is an important part of our diets, and it’s one of our favorite ingredients,” Reiter says. “While many consumers have turned to ancient grains or nut flours to reduce the amount of gluten in their diets, they can be difficult to incorporate into recipes. With our natural GoodWheat reduced gluten wheat flour, consumers can enjoy the same wheat taste they love, but with significantly less gluten and more fiber.”
Arcadia Biosciences also offers high-fiber GoodWheat wheat varieties. Bay State Milling Co. is Arcadia’s exclusive North American commercial partner and offers HealthSense high fiber wheat flour.