Like peanut butter and jelly, food and fashion have a wonderful relationship—especially in the realm of bakery products. Colors, patterns, textures and styles can all be shared and mimicked back and forth. When one of the two industries starts trending in a different direction, the other usually follows suit. And leaders in both food and fashion have said they glean inspiration from the other.

Wedding cake decorators all across the country embrace this connection and offer to make cakes that mimic brides’ wedding dresses or match the bridal party colors. Other bakeries, like the Macaron Café in New York City, make products for designers during fashion week to match their collections.

But atSift, a cupcakery in Napa, CA, the relationship between food and fashion is taken one step further. Sift share’s its retail shop with a clothing boutique. Customers can browse racks filled with the latest fashion trends while munching on a cupcake purchased only steps away.

The cupcake flavors, names and decorations cater to the fashion world, as well. Cupcakes are called things like “Ooh La La,” “Pink Champagne,” and “Chocolatease.” And decorations include themes like polka-dots, zebra stripes and couture logos—all which set a mood perfect for trying on new garments.

While sharing a space with clothing boutique isn’t practical for everyone, incorporating elements from the fashion industry is. Next time you’re out shopping, pay extra attention to design details and work your favorites into your product line. Your customers will certainly appreciate your style!