There are a lot of things on business owners’ minds as they head into the new year, and weather can sometimes be one of them. It is imperative for business owners to prepare for inclement winter weather.

Snow, ice, and wind can cause property damage, employee illness, injury, and even business closures. Businesses can avoid some of these things by having the right protections in place.

With that in mind, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) provides ways for businesses to prepare for winter storms, including:

  • Check your insurance coverage for protection against winter hazards – Make sure you are sufficiently covered in case your business sustains winter weather damage
  • Sign up for real-time weather alerts – The FEMA App provides National Weather Service alerts, emergency safety tips for over 20 types of disasters, and locations for open emergency shelters and disaster recovery centers in your area
  • Establish an emergency communication plan – Share employee, client, and vendor contact information before a storm
  • Develop a post-storm snow-removal plan – Treat snow and ice to reduce risk for customers and employees

After winter weather disasters strike, SBA helps small businesses through resources such as low-interest loans to repair or replace disaster-damaged property.