Just when you thought that all summer dining was old news, Chabaso, the popular artisan bread bakery in New Haven, Connecticut, introduces two new ways to enliven your next outdoor dining event.
First, bring flavorful new Sourdough Demi Boules to the table. The crispy round breads are the perfect size for single-serve soup bowls, or for serving your favorite dip. Use the delicious torn-away interior pieces for dipping, or simply savor them for their distinctive, slightly tangy sourdough taste.

Then, as the summer entertaining season goes into high gear, break away from the ordinary with Chabaso’s extraordinary Olive Oil Mediterranean Flat Bread. Serve sliced with cheeses and meats, or serve along with pasta sauces, vegetable spreads or tomato salad.
Finished at the bakery with fragrant extra virgin olive oil, and sprinkled with salt, this flat bread will enhance any meal from festive to formal. But, it has what it takes to be enjoyed for its taste, time after time with family and friends.
Flatbreads in general are among the oldest of breads in the long history of baking. They are often linked with cultural heritage, ceremonial dining and family traditions. This is an apt description of the role Chabaso’s delicious new bread plays today. It is flattened, but has a thicker and more airy texture than old Mediterranean equivalents, and its easy to tear apart and enjoy.
At Chabaso, breads are handcrafted and baked fresh daily with no preservatives in the artisan method. Wholesome ingredients are mixed using age-old techniques, hearth-baked in Old World ovens, then delivered fresh daily, or par-baked to assure freshness throughout the distribution process.
Both the six-ounce Demi Boules and eight-ounce Mediterranean Flat Breads can be found in many grocery chains and at small neighborhood markets throughout the Northeast and along the East Coast. For additional information on Chabaso Bakery’s full line of breads and rolls, visit their website at www.chabaso.com