A leading doughnut shop in Washington, D.C. is looking to innovate with a customer-driven seasonal doughnut menu and more affordable options.

District Doughnut has typically focused on seasonal trends for its menu, with flavors such as Nutella Cream and the festival-inspired Cherry Blossom in the spring and Pumpkin Spice Latte Creme Brûlée, Apple Cider, or Maple Butter Pecan in the fall.

Now the shop wants to switch it up by rolling out a data-driven monthly menu starting in December. New flavors will be selected through online polls, flavor sales, and customer feedback. These new monthly flavors will then compete for longer term spots on the menu at District Doughnut’s five locations throughout the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area.

“There’s a reason why District Doughnut has been voted Best Doughnut in the Nation’s Capital. It’s not just our commitment our quality but also our commitment to innovation and using data to give our customers what they want,” says District Doughnut co-founder and Executive Pastry Chef Christine Schaefer.

The change in menu design also comes with a change in pricing. In the spring, District Doughnut conducted a customer survey to better identify their needs and wants. One of the biggest things they asked for were more affordable options. In response, District Doughnut has introduced bulk doughnut pricing discounts, with a half dozen for $16 or a dozen for $29. According to the shop, these discounts present more than a 20 percent decrease in current prices.

“Our commitment to pursuing the perfect doughnut and to providing joyful experiences remains steadfast,” says Greg Menna, co-founder and CEO of District Doughnut. “There’s a reason our teal doughnut bags say ‘Happiness found’. District Doughnut is not just for a select few that can afford an artisanal doughnut experience free from artificial preservatives and flavors. District Doughnut is for everyone, and we are committed to offering more affordable pricing to allow our customers to enjoy more “hole foods” without the whole paycheck.”