Just when foodservice industry marketers were getting familiar with digital marketing, a new type of digital medium is making considerable headway: digital branding. Some believe digital marketing and digital branding are the same things. However, they have different goals and objectives.

“Digital branding is more long-term and primarily focused on providing value, recognition, and inspiring brand loyalty,” says Danny Coello, CEO of DS&P, a nationwide digital marketing organization based in Chicago. “Digital marketing, on the other hand, is often more short term and focuses on finding new customers and generating sales.”

Because digital branding is a long-term strategy, Coello suggests that marketers put as much, if not more, emphasis on their digital branding communication as they do on their digital marketing.

Among the ways he suggests doing this are the following:

Being authentic and trustworthy
Those companies that can “showcase themselves as reliable, credible, and reputable are more likely to have success with current and future customers.”

Mobile optimization
Often marketers promote their brand on a landing page, but landing pages are not always mobile optimized. “If the landing page is not optimized for mobile, expect visitors to leave in seconds.”

Selecting social media wisely
If a company is B2B, it should put most of its digital branding efforts on sites like LinkedIn. If B2C, Facebook or Pinterest would likely prove more beneficial.

Building a community
Whichever social media channel is selected, it is important to build a community of followers. Allowing followers to interact, share experiences, ideas, and tips build brand loyalty.

Video is king
Videos are one of the best ways to promote a company’s brand. “Videos are very popular with younger consumers. As they watch, they are looking closely for that authenticity and trustworthiness we discussed earlier.”

Chat boxes
“The first thing I look for when analyzing a client’s website is to see if it has a chat box, also known as chatbot technology. Chat boxes humanize a website. The ability of the responder to pleasantly answer questions is a big step forward in digital branding a company.”  

Coello also reminds us of Warren Buffett’s comment that it can take 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to destroy it. “Once digital branding strategies have created a firm foundation for your brand, the brand must always be protected, especially in your online interactions.”

About DS&P
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