Since 2016, premium dessert ingredients company PreGel America has partnered with nonprofit organization Icing Smiles to create smiles for critically ill kids and their families. In the past few years, the company has donated money, ingredients, and finished desserts at Icing Smiles-attended events.

Now, PreGel has found an additional way to treat these children and their families. As unofficial Icing Smiles Sugar Angels, volunteer bakers at PreGel’s International Training Centers are using the company’s artisanal dessert ingredients to create custom cakes for families who have applied through Icing Smiles.

PreGel America Corporate pastry chef Michael Downing delivered the first of PreGel’s custom Icing Smiles cakes on Saturday, November 9. The company looks to continue to “bake a difference” with its future cake creations through Icing Smiles.

“As corporate sponsors of Icing Smiles, we wanted to go a step further with our support initiatives and get more involved,” says Camille Hawkey, area marketing manager for PreGel America. “Because we have a team of highly talented chefs and amazing ingredients, we wanted to get more hands-on and actively become part of the Icing Smiles process of bringing joy to children and families with custom made cakes we bake in our International Training Centers.”