This is the next in our series of Supply Side Innovators featured in our Bake Twentyfive issue. Each weekday, we will spotlight a new Supply Side Innovator that can help you create the flavors, textures, and designs your customers will love.

Barry Callebaut-North America sees three major trends influencing the future of retail bakery and foodservice. The first is a demand for more premium, elevated bakery experiences, says Laura Bergan, director of brand marketing, Barry Callebaut-North America. This trend encompasses the need for hyper-indulgence and over-the-top decadence. Consumers turn to the bakery category for indulgence and experiential food products that engage all senses.

The second trend influencing the future of retail bakery and foodservice is the consumer interest in products that are better-for-you, and for the planet. These products not only offer a premium bakery experience, but they are elevated in terms of functional and sustainable ingredients with a healthy halo. Adding a better-for-you element gives consumers an alibi to indulge, whether it’s creating a cleaner, simpler product or fitting the needs of today’s dietary preferences.

“The last trend in this space is this idea that baked goods can lift consumers’ spirits and provide a simple yet important moment of celebration or reward,” Bergan says. “Unique bakery experiences can celebrate the seasons or holidays or create a customized, limited-time-only moment. From vivid and lively chocolate decorations to flavorful, filled or colored inclusions, Barry Callebaut continues to innovate, bringing new visual offerings to the bakery category to pique consumer interest.”

Barry Callebaut just announced the launch of “Cacaofruit Experiences,” which unleashes the full power of the cacao fruit, which in turn helps customers meet the needs of consumers looking for products that are delicious, good for us and for the planet. Barry Callebaut can work hand-in-hand with retail bakery customers to forecast trends and offer support for the needs faced in day-to-day operations.

“Our goal is to bring solutions to each market segment. Through our Chocolate Academy centers and Chocolate Academy Online, we are dedicated to providing retail bakeries the educational opportunities that will help lead the chocolate experiences of tomorrow,” Bergan says. “We expect to see more premiumization, more uniquely indulgent experiences, and an increased desire for products that are better-for-you and sustainable.”

Fast facts

Barry Callebaut has a robust research and development team continuously working on innovations in the world of chocolate. To further support its customers and chefs, Barry Callebaut has 23 Chocolate Academy centers around the world where artisans and professionals can improve their knowledge and skills by working with chocolate and learning about new trends, techniques, and recipes. The Chocolate Academy offers beginner classes all the way up to advanced courses for professional artisans. Chefs and artisans can also subscribe to the Chocolate Academy Online to learn the fundamentals of chocolate and new techniques from the comfort of their own kitchen or home. 

For food manufacturers, Barry Callebaut offers co-creation and innovation sessions. allowing Barry Callebaut to leverage its market and consumer knowledge and chocolate expertise.