Dominique Ansel has become famous for his pastry innovation. From the Cronut to Cookie Shots, the chef and owner of bakeries all over the world continues to make headlines with his culinary creations.

In 2016, one of his most unique offerings that was a hot topic on social media was the Blossoming Hot Chocolate. It featured a cup of homemade hot chocolate with a special topper – a flowering marshmallow that blossoms when placed in the hot beverage.

Dominique Ansel recently announced that the Blossoming Hot Chocolate is returning for the upcoming cold weather months. A special addition to the beverage is a small bonbon that is revealed when the marshmallow opens up.


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“My favorite part is waiting for the marshmallow flower to melt a bit once it blooms, so the hot chocolate gets a silky frothy marshmallow foam on top,” Dominique Ansel says in an Instagram post about the beverage.

The Blossoming Hot Chocolate will be available at Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York City (SoHo location only) and Los Angeles.