In the United Kingdom, a popular snack is beans on toast. While some diners may not find that appealing, a chef for Blackmoor Dining Room in Leeds has found a way to make it much sweeter.

Chef James Dempsey’s version of bean on toast features a lemon cake “toast,” a mango and vanilla panna cotta “fried egg,” and marzipan “baked beans.”

“I just love working with simple dishes, great ingredients then putting my own special twist on them and transforming them into an experience. That’s exactly the thinking behind the menu at Blackmoor Dining Room,” says Dempsey.

This signature dish isn’t the first time Dempsey has made headlines. In 2016, Dempsey brought the British Burrito to the masses. His creation of the Yorkshire pudding wrap filled with roast beef became a viral sensation

“The Yorkshire pudding wrap still gets tongues wagging and I hope that my sweet beans on toast will prove as popular…. tomato ketchup is optional!” says Dempsey. “The dish has been inspired by a chef who I really admire, Ben Churchill, but to my knowledge it’s the first time that it’s been available on a restaurant’s menu. I just can’t wait to see the reaction. It took a couple of attempts to get the texture of the egg right but using the panna cotta means it’s the same consistency as a real fried egg. It messes with your mind a bit!”