California walnuts offer a unique flavor and texture, making them wonderfully versatile for both savory and sweet food product applications. As a result, research chefs and tastemakers around the world increasingly find new and exciting ways to incorporate walnuts.

Try adding walnuts to baked goods, dessert bars and chocolate confections for a nutty crunch; to sauces and spreads as a wholesome thickener; or as a plant-based alternative to meat. Discover the diversity of walnuts as the perfect showcase ingredient in the biggest savory and sweet flavor trends.

Walnuts from California have a sweet mild taste that makes savory sweet, and sweet savory.

The mild flavor and texture of walnuts makes them a versatile ingredient for flavor profiles in a wide range of packaged foods – baked goods, desserts, confections, spreads and sauces, and plant-based meat alternatives.

Walnuts from California are sold according to size and color, ranging from light to amber, with lighter walnuts being the most popular for aesthetic reasons. See the Size & Color section to find the right fit for your needs.

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