Premium chocolate company Godiva is looking to spark curiosity and wonder in its younger audience with an announced new advertising campaign. The global digital campaign, Wonder Awaits, will feature whimsically romantic vignettes and visuals.

The campaign is a loose homage to Godiva founder Pierre Draps. It has been said that as a young man in Belgium, Draps learned how to make Godiva’s famous truffles to treat his wife who loved chocolate.

Wonder Awaits uses that dedication and love as its inspiration, featuring two young characters based on Draps and his wife. Pierre, a chocolatier, and Mimi, a lover of sweets, indulge in Godiva chocolate. This connects them and helps to grow their relationship. The story is meant to inspire chocolate lovers to explore life with playful curiosity and wonder.

“The launch of Wonder Awaits signifies a transformation and reintroduction of Godiva with exciting, uplifting creative concepts that are a new approach for the brand,” says John Galloway, Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer of Godiva Chocolatier. “Wonder Awaits was created to reach taste lovers worldwide, and we are excited to share this work with our fans and give them a taste of Godiva, while showcasing our brand purpose: opening people’s eyes to a more wonderful world. A world with Godiva chocolate, of course.”

The digital ads will appear on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, as well as media publishers such as BuzzFeed and PopSugar that have a young audience.

“Godiva is thrilled to officially share Wonder Awaits, an important piece of our bold plan to grow our business fivefold over the next six years,” says Annie Young-Scrivner, CEO of Godiva Chocolatier. “Our new campaign is one of the many ways that our iconic brand is evolving to become a part of our consumer’s daily life. We are committed to creating destinations, products, and experiences that allow people to treat themselves with Godiva every day – beyond just holidays or special occasions. Godiva is growing exponentially, and we are dedicated to creating wonder and delight for our consumers at every touchpoint along the way – whether it be in our boutiques, cafés, at grocery and retail stores, or online.”