Chocolate is the ideal gift for the holidays, and few understand that better than Norman Love. The acclaimed chocolatier will introduce his 2019 Holiday Collection starting Monday, November 18.

The confection collection features a trip down holiday memory lane with holiday-themed flavors:

  • White Christmas – (Milk Chocolate) – Ground hazelnut praline in a cinnamon ganache
  • Whiskey Chestnut – (Dark Chocolate) – Aged whiskey with chestnut puree
  • Mint Patty – (Dark Chocolate) – Peppermint mixed into dark chocolate
  • Candy Cane – (White Chocolate) – Crushed candy canes in a creamy ganache
  • Pumpkin Pie – (White chocolate) – Freshly baked pumpkin with holiday spices
  • Eggnog – (White Chocolate) – Infused with nutmeg, clove and dark rum
  • Brandied Cherry – (Dark Chocolate) – Dark brandied cherries soaked in a bittersweet ganache
  • Gingerbread – (Milk Chocolate) – Freshly baked gingersnap cookie crumbles
  • S’more – (Milk Chocolate) – Roasted marshmallows and graham crackers
  • Holiday Chocolate Cake – (Dark Chocolate) – Rich, moist dark chocolate cake

“Our highly acclaimed chefs at Norman Love Confections always put a lot of love into creating our holiday collection, inspired this year by traditional flavor combinations,” says Norman Love, president and founder of Norman Love Confections. “And while the collection is nostalgic and inspiring, it’s the finest, freshest ingredients in our handmade, artisanal chocolates that will bring cheer to those on your holiday gift list this season.”

Norman Love Confections’ 2019 Holiday Collection will be available online or at its chocolate salons in Fort Myers, Naples, and Estero, Florida. They come in 25-piece ($52.50) and 50-piece ($100) green signature gift boxes, along with a selection of Norman Love’s signature flavors.

Norman Love Confections will also offer a limited-edition candy cane-shaped gift box ($27) that includes 10 chocolates from the holiday collection.