Dani Beckerman started with a simple love for baking and crafts. When she came across a mason jar at a craft store, she was inspired to develop a dessert for a dinner party. That idea would soon become an obsession for many.

Starting out of her Manhattan apartment, Beckerman was able to build her business, Jars by Dani, by using social media strategically and taking her product to the streets to promote it. After years of hard work and dedication, Jars by Dani now has nationwide distribution and exciting collaborations with food brands such as Talenti and by CHLOE.
We recently talked to Dani Beckerman about her inspiration, the role of social media in growing Jars by Dani, and what appeals most to customers about her products.

Bake Magazine: What was the inspiration behind selling cake jars?

Dani Beckerman: I’ve always loved baking and cooking, but never thought I would make a business out of it! I was prepping dessert for a dinner party with my friends and ran out to grab some last-minute supplies. I saw these mason jars in a craft store and it hit me, “Why not layer everything into one jar?” You could taste the cake, brownie, and mousse all-in-one— it was like a party in a jar that looked just as good as it tasted.

What do you think appeals to customers most about this product? Does the visual aspect play a big role?

There is nothing on the market that looks the way these do. The perfect layers just look so appealing and are definitely the initial attraction! People are then always pleasantly surprised to discover these taste even better than they look! The aesthetics bring people in, but the taste keeps them coming back! 

Dani Beckerman used Instagram to promote her dessert jars early on.

How has social media influenced your business?

Jars by Dani all started six years ago with pictures on my Instagram feed. One post was all it took and people were requesting orders. Fast forward a few weeks and I’m in this routine of staying up all night baking, and hand delivering my jars across NYC via subway. It’s been an unbelievable marketing tool and instrumental in my business’s growth.

How has your culinary background shaped the business?

Growing up, my mom would cook huge meals and I’d always help with baking. I also always used to bake in college. My friends would come over at night and I would whip up a molten lava cake with whatever I had in the kitchen (which was never much!). I loved to be creative and make up my own recipes. My training and experience at New York’s Institute of Culinary Education was also critical in giving me the expertise I needed to create and execute on delicious desserts.

What have been the keys to success for you in growing Jars by Dani?

I didn’t know much about running a business when I started, but I did know that with Jars by Dani’s growing demand, I’d need an extra set of hands in baking, business management, and financials. Finding and working with a strong business banker has been key to keeping my business financials on track. Chase for Business knows my business inside-out and trusts in my products. The team values Jars by Dani’s success just as much as I do, which is crucial. I’m at a different stage as an entrepreneur now and need a banking partner that understands that I’m not always baking hands-on but instead checking emails, holding interviews, and keeping operations organized for my team. If you’re looking to take your business to the next step, I suggest finding a banking partner that supports your goals no matter what.

The jars feature more than just cake or cupcake - there are layers of brownie, whipped cream, mousse, and more.

How did your partnership with Talenti come about?

I have been doing partnerships with Unilever-owned ice cream brands for a few years. We did a fun partnership with Talenti and people went crazy for it! It showed me we definitely had demand for this product. It’s half Talenti Gelato and half JARS by Dani layers. Your very own sundae in a jar. They are amazing and we ship them directly to your door via talentixdani.com!

How are the flavors for your jars developed?

I try to stay creative with the flavors, but ultimately, some of the best flavors come from experimenting and trying things out. If it’s tastes good, why not? Coming up with new flavors is one of the best parts about this business. I’m always working to create new combinations for cake lovers to enjoy.