Ice cream is the cool addition of the year. Dessert is getting a bit chiller in 2019, according to a leading online and mobile food-ordering and delivery marketplace. Grubhub looked at the data from more than half a million orders placed on an average day through its platform throughout the first half of the year and has provided an update on popular food trends.

According to Grubhub, dishes involving ice cream are hot (or cold) so far this year. The top trending dessert in 2019 is brownie sundaes, which are 273 percent more popular than in 2018. Following that is cake batter frozen yogurt, which is 232 percent more popular, and donut ice cream sandwiches, which are 217 percent more popular.

One bakery that recently added donut ice cream sandwiches to the menu is Cincinnati's iconic Busken Bakery. Despite being in business for nearly 91 years, the bakery is not afraid to try new things. Its new Halo donuts are stuffed with ice cream from regional companies Graeter’s and United Dairy Farmers and then hot pressed for a sealed, caramelized glaze.

Another unconventional item that can be used for ice cream sandwiches is waffles. This interesting variation on the ice cream sandwich comes courtesy of Dallas-based waffle shop Press Waffle Co. Vanilla ice cream is sandwiched between two of Press Waffle Co.’s Liege waffles. Guests can also select one sauce of their choice, including Nutella, cookie butter, or caramel, to top off their sandwich.

“Ice cream is the most refreshing dessert when it’s hot out, so what better idea than to combine it with our famous waffles?” says Bryan Lewis, co-owner of Press Waffle Co. “We’ve been working on perfecting this idea for a while, and we are now ready to amaze our guests with this sweet summer special!”

Ice cream itself can even be a focus of innovation. One of the most beloved treats at the famed Milk Bar bakery chain is its Cereal Milk Soft Serve. To make Cereal Milk, Milk Bar founder Christina Tosi mixed corn flakes with cold milk, light brown sugar, and kosher salt.

At Dasher & Crank in Miami, several ice cream flavors are made using baked goods from local bakery Zak the Baker. The Zak the Baker Babka N Cream is made with a sweet cream base and mixed with babka chunks, a ‘babka fudge’ ripple, and walnuts. Another popular flavor is Avocado Toast, featuring lightly toasted Zak the Baker sourdough and an avocado swirl.