Lemon pepper is a popular flavor in Atlanta, Georgia, where it can be found on chicken wings throughout the city. That flavor will be used to benefit the local arts scene through a new collaboration.

Atlanta’s Sublime Doughnuts is teaming up with The Atlanta Podcast for a lemon pepper-inspired treat. The Atlanta Podcast Lemon Pepper Doughnut is a limited-edition release that will be available at Sublime Doughnuts starting Friday, August 2.

Sublime Doughnuts founder Kamal Grant was recently on The Atlanta Podcast to unveil the special item. The creative mind behind the shop’s unique offerings provided a detailed description of the doughnut:

“It’s an A-shaped doughnut,” Grant said. “Because we already have the A-Town Cream, which is vanilla pastry cream and dark chocolate icing on top...It’s a yeast-raised doughnut. Light, fluffy, yeast-raised doughnut and it has lemon pepper buttercream. Butter, powdered sugar whipped up nice and light and fluffy. And then we put some salt in there. Some lemon, lemon zest. Some pepper. So, it’s got that kind of lemon-y, pepper-y tang. And we got a lemon pepper glaze...And sprinkled it with gold flakes.”

As an added bonus, the doughnut will help raise money for a good cause. A portion of the proceeds from sales of The Atlanta Podcast Lemon Pepper Doughnut will benefit local nonprofit Bloom. The organization’s goal is to bring art into low-income areas of the city to the benefit of residents.