Bakery-café chain Great Harvest Bread Co. is getting in on the rising trend of online ordering with its latest announcement. The franchise has officially launched its mobile app and introduced online ordering in select locations, while testing home bread delivery services in select locations.

The mobile app will reward and communicate with loyal customers via email and mobile notifications at 30 Great Harvest bakery-cafés, with at least 70 more locations to adopt the mobile rewards program within the next few months. Customers can view their updated reward points with each purchase and can even refer a friend to earn additional points. The app will also include a birthday reward offering.

Additionally, select locations will offer online ordering and easy-to-order catering through the app.

“From our initial testing prior to launch, we already saw a high redemption rate and the average ticket price increase. We’re encouraged and believe our franchisees who know their customers best will continue to embrace the mobile app for the multiple and mutual benefits,” says Great Harvest Bread Co. CEO Mike Ferretti. “The app allows franchisees to more accurately market and communicate to their repeat customers and gives the fan base what they deserve: easier access to what they love and rewards them for their loyalty.”

Each Great Harvest Bread Co. location has complete control on using the app to localize their marketing efforts with customizable templates. Each can create its own offering or use the pre-made templates to offer double-point Tuesdays, free cookies, and more based on their individual communities’ wants and preferences.