Kansas City’s premiere axe throwing entertainment business has enlisted the help of an award-nominated baker and chef to bolster its food menu. Taylor Petrehn from 1900 Barker in Lawrence, Kansas has helped Blade and Timber to expand its menu beyond chips and pretzels.

The three-time James Beard Award semifinalist crafted the menu featuring made-from-scratch sauces and fresh ingredients. Among the items Petrehn worked on include a fried chicken sandwich on a toasted brioche bun, chicken and waffles with a chipotle honey sauce, a fried portobello mushroom sandwich, and a dessert waffle with blueberry maple and honey mallow dipping sauces.

“It’s one of the top things people ask us, ‘Oh, you serve food?’ But we disappointingly have to say no,” Ryan Henrich, partner and co-founder of Blade and Timber, tells the Kansas City Star. “Now we can deliver not only food but the highest level of high-quality bar food. We will be one of the first ax throwing places in the country to be a full-service restaurant.”

The owners hope this improved food menu will help the business as it expands throughout the rest of the country. Blade and Timber currently has locations in Missouri, Kansas, Washington, Oregon, and Hawaii.

1900 Barker, located in a college town in the heart of the Midwest, has been a big part of the local grain movement. The bakery looks to help consumers appreciate the great flavor of breads and value the contributions of the artisan bread community. Despite only being in his 20s, owner Taylor Petrehn has already made a name for himself on both a local and a national level.