Gourmet pretzel chain Auntie Anne’s is preparing for the heat of the summer with a new beverage sure to cool down customers. The Strawberry Lemonade Frost is a limited-time item that plays on Auntie Anne’s famous Frozen lemonade with a sweet, creamy twist.

The Strawberry Lemonade Frost combines the Frozen Lemonade with creamy vanilla and a burst of strawberry flavor. It is then topped with whipped cream for a refreshing summer treat.

“At Auntie Anne’s, we are all about delighting our fans with the most delicious snacks and drinks. And Strawberry Lemonade Frost, our latest beverage innovation, is Ripe for Sipping,” says Marcel Nahm, Auntie Anne’s Vice President of Marketing. “This drink pairs perfectly with summer, and fresh, hot-out-of-the-oven pretzel snacks. So don’t miss out, it’s sure to make you Sip n Smile!”

The beverage will arrive on Friday, June 21 to celebrate the first days of summer, and will be available through Sunday, September 1. At participating locations while supplies last, it will be available to order for delivery in a special keep-cold cup.