Customize ParfaitPro Vanilla Yogurt with raspberries and rose water for a unique twist on a breakfast staple. Make it a breakfast bowl and add grains, or freeze and offer as breakfast treats.


4 pounds (1 pouch) Yoplait ParfaitPro® Low Fat Vanilla Yogurt
9 ounces fresh raspberries
2 teaspoons rose water


8 fresh rose petals
2 teaspoons toasted sliced almonds
8 fresh raspberries, halved


Add yogurt, raspberries and rose water to blender.
Puree until smooth (mix in batches if needed).
Pour approximately 8 ounces i1nto each serving cup or bowl.
Garnish with 1 rose petal, sliced almonds and 2 raspberry halves.

Refrigerate until serving.


Serve with 1 cup oatmeal or warm rice for a larger breakfast offering, or freeze in popsicle forms, layering Raspberry Rose Yogurt and ParfaitPro Vanilla yogurt for a frozen treat.


Formula courtesy of General Mills Convenience & Foodservice