Tapit, a leading restaurant and retail-focused software vendor, has launched Selfit, a self-ordering kiosk platform with accompanying online ordering via a mobile app and interface to the restaurant’s website. Purpose-built for the restaurant and retail industries, Tapit demonstrated its self-ordering platform at the National Restaurant Association 2019 Show.

According to an IHL Services research, 96% of adults aged 18-39 favored self-kiosks for food ordering. With Tapit, single restaurant locations or large chains can meet this demand and affordably install Selfit’s feature-rich, highly customizable and scalable technology.

“On average, Tapit self-order kiosks increased each individual order by a remarkable 30% and 13% per branch,” said Eli Cohen, head of operations at New Deli restaurant chain. “The responsive interface allows for easy ordering and upselling, and a better customer experience.”

New Deli is opening 120 additional stores and is installing more than 150 Selfit systems, while hiring 280 additional employees.

The self-ordering platform gives restaurants the ability to easily customize their menus and automatically update their kiosks and apps to showcase the latest promotions to their customers, delivering the opportunity to upsell customers and reduce customer abandonment caused by long lines and wait time. 

“Selfit is like the Wix of restaurant kiosk and app design,” said Larry Susman, vice president international sales of Tapit. “Our affordable and easy-to-use kiosk and mobile app solutions give small- to medium-sized restaurant chains access to the same advanced ordering technologies and capabilities as the mega-chains.”