In a new marketing and social media campaign that launches today, Robeks will contrast the healthy benefits of its premium smoothies made with whole fruits, natural juices, and wholesome dairy products with those sold by fast food retailers that typically lack these beneficial ingredients.

The initiative, called "Experience a Better Whirl'd," will feature pocket-sized educational brochures, highlighting the benefits of whole fruits. Inside Robeks stores, customers will see bold, eye-catching visuals blasting healthy messages about the powerful way fruits refresh, refuel, and revitalize the body. Los Angeles-based Robeks is the leader in premium, blended-to-order whole fruit smoothies and was among those first-to-market with many new superfruits including acai and pomegranate.

The Robeks campaign gets underway amid a smoothie revolution taking place in the industry. As more fast food places introduce smoothies, consumers may not know these drinks may include additional processed sugars, powdered milk products, and other artificial ingredients.

Junk food is the target of new government guidelines just issued in April. With this national emphasis on healthy eating, Robeks hopes to nudge Americans toward selecting premium, natural, wholesome fruit smoothies instead of high-fat, high-calorie, processed foods.

A contest to name Robeks most famous icon – its hummingbird – will be one of the campaign's centerpieces using clever social media tactics. In another activity, customers will be encouraged to upload video content showing off their blending skills. The interactive clout of YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and blogs will also be leveraged.

Robeks franchise owner Bob Kenz said, "Our customers are health conscious and smoothie savvy. We continually educate them about our products so they are equipped to make more informed decisions when it comes to staying healthy while eating conveniently."

Robeks CEO Steve Davidson emphasized that "Robeks smoothies are different from fast food, quick service smoothies. Ours contain premium, quality ingredients. Americans need healthier, more wholesome foods, even when they are on the run. As an alternative to fatty, greasy meals, a whole-fruit smoothie is a satisfying way to enjoy essential vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber, and vital antioxidants."

From the moment customers walk into Robeks and hear blenders whirling, they know they are not in a fast food place. Robeks smoothies are made-to-order and carefully prepared by hand, not dispensed from a machine.