In the NBA’s Eastern Conference Finals, the Milwaukee Bucks are currently leading 2-1 in a best-of-seven series against the Toronto Raptors. If the Bucks are able to win two out of the last four games in the series, the team will go on to face the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals.

To celebrate its home state team’s success and encourage its advancement in the NBA playoffs, Wisconsin’s O&H Danish Bakery has created a Milwaukee Bucks-themed version of a popular Wisconsin pastry, the Kringle. The new Buck Tracks Kringle features a filling of smooth cream cheese and chocolate chunks and is topped with a creamy vanilla frosting, chocolate shavings, and green sprinkles.

“Go Milwaukee! Our Buck Tracks Kringle is here to help cheer our favorite Bball team,” the bakery says in a Facebook post.

The award-winning bakery is no stranger to innovative Kringle offerings. Last Christmas, O&H introduced an Eggnog Kringle that combined the pastry with a smooth custard filling blended with homemade eggnog and topped with creamy frosting and crisp gingersnap cookie pieces.