Based in Indianapolis, SoChatti is innovating on how chocolate is traditionally made and enjoyed. SoChatti’s production process preserves the cacao bean’s unique flavor and is served melted, rather than in bar form. 

The product is delivered in solid form within a nozzled pouch that people can use like a piping bag. You heat the pouch in warm water to create perfect, melted chocolate.

SoChatti is made with only three ingredients, resulting in a product that is vegan, gluten free, kosher, and halal. The company responsibly sources beans from different regions around the world from places like Peru, Tanzania, and Ecuador, giving each batch a unique flavor profile. 

The company's manufacturing platform can easily adapt to ingredients with different moisture levels. This enables artisans to approach SoChatti as a dish in a kitchen rather than a formulation in a lab.

Chocolate is full of rich and complex flavors with over 400 distinct flavors. The chocolate's origin creates flavors as unique as a fingerprint. SoChatti looks to improve this chocolate experience by saving those unique flavors.