At select Tim Hortons locations in the United States on Sunday, May 12, mothers can get a cool beverage for free. As a Mother’s Day treat, the quick service restaurant chain will give any mother a mom-sized cup of iced coffee to show appreciation for all that they do.

Participating Tim Hortons stores in Buffalo (NY), Columbus (OH), Detroit (MI), Toledo (OH), and New York City are offering a 52-ounce cup, the largest size currently offered by a renowned major coffee chain in the U.S., to any mother who asks for “mom-sized” on her iced coffee size. The offer is available to all mothers, even dog mothers.

The 52-ounce cup holds nearly enough coffee to fill an entire coffee pot. The extra-large size is meant to give mothers an extra boost when a large coffee simply doesn’t cut it.

Additionally, Mother’s Day-themed donuts will be available for purchase at participating U.S. locations.