A new line of kitchen equipment from Hobart gives independent restaurants and midsize foodservice operations a new option in food preparation and warewashing equipment.

Centerline by Hobart is an offering of simple, affordable food preparation and dishwashing equipment for operations that demand quality and reliable performance without the need for advanced technology features or extreme-volume, continuous run-time requirements.

“At Hobart, we are inspired by those who are not only passionate about creating great food but are inspired to serve and improve the lives of others through food,” says Todd Blair, Marketing Director for ITW Food Equipment Group. “Because we are committed to supporting the needs of foodservice professionals at every step of their journey, we’ve introduced Centerline by Hobart, a line of equipment that offers the quality and durability operators need to pursue their passions and be successful as their operations grow and evolve. We recognize various operations, menus and volume requirements don’t always necessitate the need for our premium line. With Centerline, we’ve extended our offering to provide more options and flexibility that better support our customers’ varying needs.”

The first of the items to be introduced is the Centerline HMM20 Standard Heavy-Duty 20-Quart Mixer in May 2019 and the Centerline CUH undercounter dishwasher later in the year.

The Centerline HMM20 Standard Heavy-Duty 20-Quart Mixer is designed to fit kitchens that depend on a mixer for shorter periods of time and multiple applications. It features a ½ horsepower motor, three mixing speeds, and an all-gear transmission for superior reliability and performance. The HMM20 also includes features like the GearSafe System that protects the mixer from damage if speeds are changed while it’s running, and Last Time Remind, which automatically recalls the last mixing time used, making it simpler to mix multiple batches of the same item.

The Centerline CUH High Temperature Undercounter Dishwasher. The CUH is built with a focus on durability, simplicity, and value, while delivering performance and quality backed by the Hobart name. Later in the year, Centerline by Hobart will also be introducing the Centerline CUL Low Temperature Undercounter Dishwasher.

Both the CUH and CUL undercounter dishwashers provide operators with an ENERGY STAR certified, resource-efficient package. With a wash capacity of 24 standard racks per hour, the Centerline undercounter can handle all the dishes, glassware and utensils a growing business uses daily, while using just 0.84 gallons of fresh rinse water per rack. And, with a door opening of 14.46 inches, it accepts some prep ware too, including half-size sheet pans and a 20-quart mixing bowl. A top-mounted user interface is designed with one-touch activation, while a two-minute cycle time with optional cycle extension makes quick work of dirty dishes. The CUH model features a Sense-a-Temp booster heater for a 180°F final rinse temperature.

“We recognize foodservice professionals are central for creating great food and bringing people together, and the equipment they use is central to that process,” Blair says. “As a brand with a mission to support foodservice professionals with equipment they can trust and rely on to help them succeed, it’s important we offer equipment options that make the most sense for their volume, application and operational requirements. Centerline by Hobart is designed with our customers in mind, offering simple, affordable equipment options so many have been asking for, backed by the quality and reliability they’ve come to expect from the Hobart name.”