Specialty bakery Glass of Milk Cake Company will open its doors in Kansas City, MO, on Friday, May 27.  It is located at 6513 NW Barry Rd, at the intersection of I-29 and Barry Road.

29-year-old Army wife and mother of five young boys, Amanda Phillips decided to put her love for baking together with her passion and talent of art, and Glass of Milk Cake Company was born.  

"I was just tired of the normal grocery store cakes, and wanted to make cakes that my boys would love," recalls Amanda, as she recounts how her concept developed.  "Once I made my first few cakes and cupcakes, people just kept asking for more and more, and I couldn't keep making them out of the house. When we got transferred to the Kansas City area, as our final duty station, I decided to open my own shop, so I could make people smile everyday!"

Glass of Milk Cake Company is not your normal "cupcakery" or specialty bakery.  It is both!  You can come in, sit down, and enjoy a cupcake and a cup of coffee, or you can meet in their consultation area and create the cake of your dreams.  And they deliver!  "We use only the finest and freshest ingredients," says Amanda. "We never use boxed mixes, and we never freeze our cake."

Glass of Milk Cake Company also focuses on being a green and local company.  "It's important that we teach our kids how to protect the world that they will inherit.  So we stay as green and as local as possible."  Glass of Milk Cake Company uses plates made from sugar cane, biodegradable cups, boxes, and napkins.  They also use local milk, eggs, and coffee, etc. and "anything else green or local we can get our hands on."

To place an order with Glass of Milk Cake Company, stop by their store, call 816-505-5528, email order@glassofmilkcakecompany.com, or fill out an order form at glassofmilkcakecompany.com