Bagels have found a new beverage pairing, thanks to New York City’s Black Seed Bagels. The bagel shop has teamed up with Brooklyn brewery Folksbier for a tasty beer.

Black Seed Glow Up Berliner Weisse is brewed with pieces of Black Seed bagels instead of wheat. The honey that Black Seed uses in its bagel production is then added as a whirlpool addition. After primary fermentation tails off, the beer is transferred onto more honey for refermentation and conditioning.

The partnership between Black Seed and Folksbier is focused on sustainability and food waste reduction.

“We have been thinking a lot the last year or so about ways to reduce our environmental impact,” Black Seed partner Noah Bernamoff tells amNewYork. “We’ve been making pretty obvious bagel-adjacent things from our bagel waste, like bagel chips, bread crumbs, croutons. … And then [we thought], how do we transform bagels into something totally different and totally unique and special?”

A tasting event on Saturday, April 27 at Folksbier will showcase the new beer, to be served with beer-boiled bagel tartines and other foods. Black Seed Glow Up is available while supplies last at Folksbier, as well as at Grand Army and Celestine in Brooklyn, and The Smile, Old Rose, and As Is in Manhattan.