This basic formula is used to create chocolate brioche donuts, basic glazed rings, beer & peanuts donuts, Boston cream donuts, and tres leches donuts. The versatility makes them suitable for many additional applications. Formula courtesy of Rachel Wyman, owner of Montclair Bread Co. in Montclair, New Jersey.


4.876 kilograms bread flour
0.680 kilograms specialty flour*
0.454 kilograms sugar
0.227 kilograms cocoa powder
0.085 kilograms baking powder
0.085 kilograms instant yeast
0.017 kilograms salt
3.289 kilograms whole milk
0.680 kilograms egg
0.017 kilograms brewed espresso
0.907 kilograms unsalted butter

*A flour of choice, such as whole wheat or pastry, to add flavor and texture.


Place dry ingredients in a mixer bowl and combine using a dough hook.
Add milk and egg (and brewed espresso, if making chocolate brioche donuts).
Mix on low for 2 minutes.
Add the butter in small chunks as the milk and egg combine.
Mix on medium for 10 minutes or until the dough is fully developed.


Rest dough for 20 minutes.
Roll dough to a thickness of ½ inch; cut to form rounds, rings or bulls-eyes. Bulls-eyes are cut rings with the center dough balls left in place.


Proof at 80°F for 45–60 minutes.


Fry at 375°F; 1 minute per side.
Cool to room temperature except when used with vanilla glaze.

About the baker

Rachel Wyman grew up in Maryland and as a child watched her grandmother make wedding cakes. After graduating from the University of Florida with a degree in French, she studied baking and pastry at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York, where she discovered a passion for baking bread. She has worked for Bread Alone, Amy’s Bread and the Ritz-Carlton and has developed bread recipes for Tribeca Oven. In 2014, she won The Cooking Channel’s “Donut Showdown” competition with innovative entries such as a Sangria donut with red wine dough and fruit filling. She is the owner of Montclair Bread Co. in Montclair, New Jersey.