Chabaso, a family-owned bakery specializing in ciabattas and other artisan breads, is launching a new chapter of growth and innovation identified with a rebranding effort, including a new graphics package and website that includes the company’s first-ever ecommerce platform.

“It’s always time for reinvention and challenging ourselves to come up with something even better than the best ciabatta in production,” says Charles Negaro, founder and chairman of Chabaso, based in New Haven, Connecticut. “We also are doubling down our mission of being bakers for a better world, well beyond the bread and our business practices, but in the community as well, from our neighborhood to our colleagues who are also rethinking the food system. We are keenly interested in nutrition. We want to contribute to a healthier and better tomorrow — with bread.”

Negaro says he is pleased to share that chief executive officer Trish Karter is leading the charge on this ambitious mission.

The new branding for Chabaso is minimalist and modern, including a simplified business name (formerly Chabaso Bakery).

The new look features an updated logo and a palette of bold but edible colors rooted in flavor profiles that run through the Chabaso ovens daily. Simple but elegant graphics communicate the value proposition of sophisticated, clean and healthy food, beautifully made. The colors identify not only the flavor profiles, but also bring fun and a design-forward liveliness to the instore bakery.

Chabaso’s rallying cry — “Bakers for a better world!” — reflects the company’s energetic commitment to providing high-quality, healthy products while making a positive social and environmental impact — a triple bottom-line approach.

Branching out and branding

The company’s new ecommerce platform, launched in December, gives bread lovers nationwide the opportunity to enjoy Chabaso’s ciabattas and other artisan breads heated up in their own oven to serve up as the foundation for a great meal and conversation. The breads can be wrapped and frozen for months and served for a great meal on a later occasion. The initial offerings include five gift bundle options, delivered overnight if ordered by noon Monday through Thursday, starting at $25 plus shipping. Initial offerings include a gift box of the four original ciabatta flavors, as well as an Energy Grain Bundle (featuring all whole-grain products), a collection of slightly sweet breads (including Chocolate and Fig & Oats) and more.

In 2019, the company plans to offer consumers the chance to receive advance samples of new concepts and be part of the product development process.