The Academy Awards takes place this Sunday, February 24 in Los Angeles, California. Millions will tune in to watch the event, meanwhile enjoying food and beverages.

Milk Bar has introduced a dessert based on a popular movie snack that will add something special to Oscars parties. The new Popcorn Cake debuted in late January, and has quickly become a popular treat at the bakery.

In the ultimate combination of salty and sweet, this buttery popcorn cake is layered with salty caramel and popcorn crumbs, and is also topped with popcorn pudding and corn fudge. The dessert is served with pickled strawberry jam and caramel corn.

Milk Bar's new Popcorn Cake costs $50.50, and the 6” cake serves 8-12 people. The cake is available both online and at all of Milk Bar’s locations in New York City, Boston, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Las Vegas, and Toronto.