The Pie Hole, one of the world’s largest and fastest growing gourmet pie and coffee shop, is expanding even further by entering into the wholesale market. The shop recently began selling its pies at Café Smitten in Bakersfield, California. The pies have been quite popular already, and may lead The Pie Hole to further explore wholesale options.

“We’re always looking for new opportunities to share our pies with fans. We have a thriving online delivery business and a steady catering business, so it made sense to start selling our pies wholesale to expand to new markets,” says The Pie Hole co-founder Sean Brennan.

The wholesale partnership follows the successful introduction of the shop’s namesake Pie Holes in November. These two-bite handheld pies make an ideal quick snack and were initially available in four flavors: Apple, Blueberry, Mexican Chocolate, and Nutella. They quickly became a hit, and The Pie Hole has added additional rotating flavors including this month’s Berry in Love, which features raspberry filling and is topped with champagne icing and a gold dusted raspberry.

“Thanks in part to Pie Holes we saw double digit growth on our year-over-year sales during the key holiday season,” says Edie Ames, CEO of The Pie Hole. “These innovative and delicious treats have become the must-have host gift for all kinds of occasions and have become the perfect quick snack. They have been bringing new guests to our restaurants, driving trial and pushing up our check-averages. Pie Holes have been a huge success for us.”