Producer of some of the most beautiful handcrafted chocolates in the country, Norman Love Confections has placed an emphasis on artistry, premium ingredients, and innovative flavor combinations in its cooking.

The confectionery will pass along some of this expertise to eager students in a cookie class series set to kick off in the spring. “Cooking with Love” will consist of 12 hands-on cooking classes in which participants will learn how to make pies, pastries, cookies, cakes, chocolate confections, and other treats.

“Our cooking classes are meant to be educational, interactive and fun,” says Norman Love, founder and owner of Norman Love Confections and a Bake Twentyfive educator. “At the end of the night, each of our students is able to bring home their fresh-baked creations such as artisan confections or exquisite desserts to share with their families.”

The series, taking place at the Fort Myers Chocolate & Dessert Salon in Fort Myers, Florida, will feature five classes focused on chocolates and seven on baked goods. Among the dishes students will learn from Norman Love Confections’ chefs this year will be Key lime and banana cream pies, cream puffs, brioche, and chocolate layer cake.

These classes will begin in April and continue through September, at a cost of $95 per person. The first classes on April 5 and 12 will focus on Easter egg chocolate sculpture filled with Swiss milk truffles.