Craft bread bakers and pastry chefs rely on dough sheeting equipment that provides consistency and saves labor. Bakery equipment manufacturers offer the latest innovations to help bakeries earn more dough.

Available from Erika Record Baking Equipment, the Mecnosud SF600 Series of reversible pastry sheeters is perfect for bakeries and restaurants with limited space. In addition, the SF600 Series of pastry sheeters is easy to clean and service with completely removable dough scrapers. When not in use both sides of the conveyor table fold up for storage. This versatile machine can also be coupled with an available cutting station.

A tabletop version is available, as well. The Mecnosud SB500 is a reversible tabletop/bench sheeter for laminating and processing a wide variety of doughs, including croissant, phyllo doughs and puff pastry. This space-saving sheeter is perfect for bakeries with limited space. When not in use, both sides of the conveyor table fold up for storage. This versatile machine is capable of handling the majority of tasks that their traditional, full-sized floor model counterparts can.

Thanks to its small size and to its foldable tables, the manual sheeter Queen Q5O available from proBake is a reliable ally for those who are looking for a machine simple to use but reliable and very compact at the same time. The front handle allows a quick and easy adjustment of the cylinders’ lowering and the joystick, on the machine’s upper side, enables the operator to work in a natural and ergonomic position. The Queen Q500 sheeter for small and medium sized bakeries offers dual control as standard with a strong front handle, allowing an accurate setting of the cylinders’ lowering.

Empire Bakery Equipment’s dough sheeting equipment helps save time and energy, while making better products on a faster timeline. Bakers can choose from tabletop dough sheeting equipment or floor model industrial dough equipment to produce hundreds of items faster. Empire’s Easy Table Top Dough Sheeters feature a compact design and rugged construction.

For other products, Reiser offers Vemag sheeters for brownies, fats and make-up lines.

Blocks and bands of dough of faultless quality are the basis for consistently high-quality pastries. The manufacture of these bands and blocks requires extensive expertise, according to Rondo. Whether as a table model or mobile base model, the Econom from Rondo is an ideal space-saving dough sheeter for hotels, restaurants, pizza shops, kitchens and artisanal bakeries. The Econom sheets dough gently and precisely and only uses a minimum of space. With its 500-millimeter working width, it is the ideal dough sheeter for narrow areas. The end-thickness stop makes it easy for you to set the desired final thickness precisely.