Marie Blachère, a bakery chain with 500 locations in France, is making its way to the States with a location in Long Island, New York. The company’s first U.S. store will debut on Tuesday, February 12.

The bakery specializes in baguettes and pastries, but will also sell sandwiches, salads, and pizzas. Marie Blachère’s baguette is made with a levain (a natural leavening starter similar to a sourdough).

Other breads featured at the bakery include whole wheat, sourdough, multigrain, corn, and brioche, while the different baked goods available include croissants, filled croissants, brioche rolls, muffins, brownies, doughnuts, and fruit tarts.

According to Newsday, Marie Blachère plans to open four more U.S. bakeries by 2020. The next location will be one in Greenwich Village opening in March.

Marie Blachère was founded in Provence in the South of France in 2004 by Bernard Blachère, a French entrepreneur with a passion for traditional bread. The company has expanded its stores throughout France thanks to its warm, welcoming atmosphere and its plentiful food and beverage selection.