Cinnamon roll bakery Cinnabon is well-known for its sweet treats. Starting today, it is partnering with fast food restaurant chain SONIC to offer some of that sweetness on its dessert menu with the addition of Cinnabon Cinnasnacks à La Mode.

The limited-time snack became available Monday, January 28 at SONIC Drive-Ins nationwide. They feature warm, flakey pastries filled with cinnamon roll filling. Cinnabon Cinnasnacks à La Mode join the new Oreo à La Mode, battered and fried Oreo cookies, on the menu.

Both treats, which cost $2.99, capture flavors once only available at fairs and festivals. They are served with vanilla soft serve ice cream for a warm and cool combination.

“Balancing the richness of your favorite warm dessert with the refreshing creaminess of ice cream has become common practice for a reason,” says Scott Uehlein, vice president of product innovation and development for SONIC. “With the new OREO and Cinnasnacks à La Mode, we took what many traditionally do with a pie or brownie fresh from the oven to create an entirely new experience.”