The most obvious number to look at when considering space-saving aspects of your baking oven is its footprint. While that’s vital, it’s not the only important aspect. For starters, matching the equipment selection with the product program is key, as is optimizing planning to maximize the utilization of the equipment and the baker, says Daniel Lago, CEO of Revent. “In addition to providing flexible and space-saving equipment, Revent also provides the know-how to put it all together.”

The company launched the ONE series of ovens in 2016. During development, Lago says research teams interviewed bakers around the world to identify problems with day-to-day work that could be solved by new design ideas. A lack of space and routine burn injuries were common issues for many bakers.

“Most bakers, if not all, will have burned their arms either loading trays into a smaller oven or loading racks into a rack oven. It’s easy to have your arm hit the hot inside of the oven door,” Lago says.

The ONE series’ sliding pocket door provided an answer to both problems. The lack of door swing saves space and burns are reduced by the door parking in the side wall of the oven while open.

Efficiency can also help reduce the overall space needed in a production area in addition to boosting margins, says Harry Jacoby, president of MIWE America. “By being more efficient in the baking process to get the products done quicker and more accurately, it means more profit when selling the products,” he says. “It also means less equipment necessary, thus decreasing the overall investment.”

The MIWE line of backcombi ovens combine the active heat of the convection oven with the baking atmosphere of a deck oven. The combination allows for a full range of baking, from sensitive, light pastries to heavy, farmhouse-style breads. “They also combine the highest possible flexibility with the highest quality standards, all in a compact space,” Jacoby says.

Mike Mathis, sales development manager at Baxter Manufacturing, points out that “bakers want equipment that is automated.”

Baxter, the commercial oven manufacturer known for proven technology and authentic results, has introduced the VersaOven, a new type of kitchen equipment that combines the best features of rotisserie, convection and combi ovens into a space-saving oven category all its own.

The VersaOven enables cooking, baking and steaming without the difficulty of operation that can come with combi ovens, or the arduous clean up that can be a hallmark of convection ovens.

Similar benefits of versatility apply to the ITES oven from WP Riehle, a German designed and built infrared oven and convection oven in one with many other unique features. The oven is designed to bake off pre-baked frozen breads, snacks such as pizza slices, sausage rolls, pretzels and much more.

The ITES oven is ideal for convenience stores, snack shops, hotels and restaurants, satellite bakery shops and kiosks. Its low power consumption and fast start-up time and small footprint means that you can respond to customers’ demands quickly. The infrared technology bakes the product from inside out, retaining moisture.