The Trump administration’s demand for border wall funding has led to the longest government shutdown in U.S. history. Federal workers are feeling the true impact of this fight, with around 800,000 of them going without pay over the past 25+ days.

To help these federal employees during their time of need, restaurants and bakeries across the country are offering free food and beverages, as well as discounts.

In New Jersey, Montclair Bread Co. announced that it would welcome furloughed government employees or those working without pay to a free cup of coffee and either a loaf of bread or a sandwich. There are close to 5,000 federal employees in New Jersey going without pay as a result of the shutdown.

“My dad, brother, and two of my aunts are government employees,” says Montclair Bread Co. owner Rachel Wyman. “I'm happy to have something I can share with my community. It's the right thing to do.”

In our nation’s capital, many foodservice establishments are chipping in to help federal workers. Washington, D.C.’s award-winning Bread Furst is sharing its employee discount with those affected by the shutdown, and others are offering free coffee and snacks.

This trend continues throughout the country. At many Great Harvest Bread Company locations across the U.S., there are “Shutdown Shelves” where federal employees can get a free loaf of bread.

With no end in sight for the government shutdown, the generosity of these businesses is a reminder of how communities come together during times of difficulty.