Global specialty dessert ingredient company PreGel is dedicated to education. In addition to its 25 (and counting) state-of-the-art International Training Centers (ITCs) around the world that work with students of all levels, the company also offers an exclusive 5-Star Pastry Series for veteran pastry chefs.

In 2019, the 5-Star Pastry Series will mark its ten-year anniversary. Hosted at the ITCs, these series consist of 3-day seminars combining class lecture and hands-on training, introducing students to some of the world's most exclusive and highly respected talent in pastry.

“When we decided to launch this series, it was important to me to make sure that the chefs we brought in were world-class and at championship level, with years of experience,” says Marco Casol, managing director, PreGel. “Experience is important, as it shows our attendees the need to evolve in this industry that is always changing. We are pleased to be able to present culinary professionals across the country the opportunity to join us at our facility to learn the latest innovations and techniques in the world of pastry and desserts.”

This year, students will learn tips on innovation and captivating techniques in a wide variety of today's hottest pastry areas from some of the best in the field. Among those are:

April 10-12, 2019 
Amaury Guichon 
Boutique Style Petit Gateaux

June 17-19, 2019 
William Werner 
Contemporary Patisserie: A Journey with Chef William Werner

July 10-12, 2019 
Amaury Guichon 
Boutique Style Entremets

August 12-14, 2019 
Ksenia Penkina
Patisserie and Glazing Arts

November 4-6, 2019 
Michael Laiskonis 
All Things Chocolate: Bean to Dessert