Bien Cuit, the Brooklyn-based bakery from Zachary Golper, is known for its impressive breads. Golper is a multiple-time nominee for the James Beard Foundation’s Outstanding Bakery award, and he looks to pass along his bread knowledge to others with a unique gift.

The bakery has put together a Sourdough Starter Kit that it is selling through online marketplace Goldbelly. The kit includes essential tools for the home artisan bread maker, including a dough scraper, a bowl scraper, a proofing basket, a French linen couche, a bag of Farmer Ground organic whole wheat bread flour, and a jar of Chef Golper’s Brooklyn-grown sourdough starter.

Additionally, the Sourdough Starter Kit comes with a loaf of sourdough bread that combines a blend of rye and wheat flours, a whole grain sourdough starter, up to 68 hours of fermentation and a long, dark bake for a deeply complex flavor.

Finally, included in the kit is a signed copy of Bien Cuit: The Art of Bread, Golper’s book that shares the celebrated baker’s secrets to making his delicious, artisanal bread. The book features fifty bread recipes, from quick breads to his famous 24-day sourdough starter. He even developed new recipes for the book, including several “bread quests” to revive some of New York City’s most iconic breads like Jewish rye and Kaiser rolls.