1. At least one day ahead, make the flower. First, mix small batches of orange and teal fondant using gel colors mixed into white fondant: Sunset Orange for orange, and a 3:1 ratio of Sky Blue to Neon Brite Green for teal.

2. While the Designer Prints™ are still on the backing paper, use the X-Acto-type blade to cut around the white diamond shapes and small white triangle shapes from the orange pattern strip.

3. Roll out some white fondant and brush with clear, potable alcohol or water. Carefully remove the cut Designer Prints™ diamond-shaped pieces from the backing and apply to the rolled fondant.

4. Cut the dressed fondant to conform with the shape of the applied Designer Prints™ pieces. Gently fold the tip of each diamond over, and allow to dry over ¼” dowel rods to create dimension.

5. Cut a flat disc from leftover white fondant and set aside to dry. This will become the base for final flower construction.

6. Roll a 1” fondant ball using a portion of teal fondant for the stamen, and use two graduated sizes of flower cutters from the cutter set to impress designs. Elaborate on the pattern using the veining tool from the sculpting tool set, as shown. Save the remaining teal fondant.

7. Later, complete flower construction by attaching large petals to the fondant disc using royal icing or melted white chocolate.

8. Roll out the orange fondant, and then attach and cut out the small triangle shapes using the techniques described in Steps 3 and 4. Gently fold both corners in toward the middle and attach one to each large petal.

9. Roll out a small portion of teal fondant and use a small leaf cutter from the cutter set to cut petals. Pinch the tip of each teal leaf shape and attach between each petal as shown.

10. Complete the flower by attaching the stamen while orange and teal petals are not yet dry. This will allow the stamen to nestle nicely into the flower.

11. Ice and assemble both tiers using white icing.

12. Apply Designer Prints™ decorations around the sides of each tier.

13. Use white icing in a #104 tip to pipe bottom borders around the base of each tier.

14. Attach flower to bottom tier using icing or melted chocolate.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz, Lucks Food Decorating Company