Earlier today, Starbucks opened the latest in its line of Reserve Roasteries, this one in New York City’s meatpacking district. The new immersive coffee experience with nearly 23,000 square feet of retail space features the company’s rarest and freshest coffees as well as the Arriviamo Bar, a cocktail bar featuring a curated menu of coffee and tea cocktails.

“We designed the Roastery as the pinnacle experience around all-things-coffee, and there is nothing else like it in the world. With premium coffees, teas, mixology, and the iconic Milanese Princi Bakery, it serves as a Starbucks brand amplifier and a platform for future innovation,” says Kevin Johnson, Starbucks CEO. “Beverages such as Draft Nitro, Cold Foam, and the recent launch of Juniper Latte all began at the Roastery and have since been introduced to Starbucks locations around the world. It is the ultimate Starbucks Experience and an unforgettable way to connect with our customers.”

The New York Roastery joins locations in Seattle, Shanghai, and Milan, with future openings coming to Tokyo and Chicago in 2019.

“New York is a hub to the world,” says Liz Muller, chief design officer of Starbucks. “It’s an unbelievable place with such history. The meatpacking district has a fantastic history of industry, and the neighborhood has an electric energy; it is alive. We’ve designed a space where the excitement and dynamic activity of the neighborhood is mirrored in the Roastery. We want our customers to come in and feel very inspired.”

First and foremost, the Roastery is a working coffee roastery, where every day Starbucks Master Roasters with years of training and experience will small-batch roast Starbucks’ rarest single-origin coffees and blends called Starbucks Reserve, which will then be served there or shipped to select Starbucks stores around the world.

The Arriviamo Bar is the first one in the United States. Expert mixologists will serve cocktails and spiritfrees curated by award-winning mixologist Julia Momose featuring coffee and tea. It will also serve a selection of beer, wine, and classic cocktails.

The Princi Bakery will also be a huge draw for the Roastery, with on-site baking of fresh breads, pizzas, cornetti, focaccias, desserts, and more.