The award-winning O&H Danish Bakery is no stranger to innovative offerings. Earlier this year, the Racine, Wisconsin bakery created the “Cran-noli,” a sweet and tart treat features a chewy granola cranberry cookie outer shell similar to a cannoli, which is filled with a cranberry cream filling and then dipped in dark chocolate.

The bakery’s latest innovation is a holiday twist on the popular Wisconsin baked good, the Kringle. O&H has introduced the Eggnog Kringle, which combines the traditional flaky Danish Kringle pastry with a smooth custard filling blended with homemade eggnog and topped with creamy frosting and crisp gingersnap cookie pieces.

“Being a family-owned bakery, we like to use flavors that help us reflect upon specific traditions. Eggnog is a seasonal drink that ignites holiday stories and memories for our family, and we hope it does the same for our customers,” says Matt Horton, vice president of O&H Danish Bakery. “This is just one of many pastries in our holiday lineup that will make you want to celebrate the season with family, friends, and delicious treats.”

O&H offers other seasonal versions of the Kringle: Christmas Kringle, which is layered with chocolate cake filling and a touch of peppermint and is topped with creamy icing and red velvet cake crumbles; and A Very Danish Christmas Kringle, which is inspired by Risalamande, a traditional Scandinavian dessert.

Like many bakeries, the holiday season is a very busy time for O&H. Each December, the bakery can make up to 7,000 Kringle a day, shipping them to more than 100 countries and seven continents.