Auntie Anne’s is looking to provide customers with holiday gifts for their loved ones. The gourmet pretzel chain has added new items to its “For the Love of Pretzels” collection that include delicious-looking accessories and clothing.

Among the new items are fun pairs of leggings for fitness or everyday loungewear. They include the “A Twisted Day” and “A Pretzel For Everyone!” versions. Other new items include fleece zip-ups and pullovers. “Pretzels Forever” and “Pretzel Pug Yoga” are available in red, green, and blue.

Auntie Anne’s is covering its customers from top to bottom. The shop also features “A Twisted Day” shoes for men and women. Their unique design will stand out at festive gatherings.

The “For the Love of Pretzels” collection also offers tote bags, drawstring bags, shirts, and notebooks. Shoppers can get 15 percent or more off any product in the collection from now until the end of the year by using the code PRETZELS18 at checkout.