It’s not long after Thanksgiving before people will be celebrating the next big food holiday – no, we’re not talking about Christmas, but actually National Cake Day. Taking place on Monday, November 26, National Cake Day honors the classic dessert and its countless varieties.

Lady M Confections, with cake boutiques in California, New York City, Boston, and Chicago, will be offering a wide range of its unique multi-layered crêpes cakes and other gourmet cakes.

The company’s Marron Mille Crêpes consists of twenty thin layers of handmade crepes and chestnut-flavored pastry cream placed between each layer, topped with a sprinkle of powdered sugar. It makes for an ideal holiday-inspired treat. Another holiday option is the Flan aux Pomme, a dessert with a shortbread crust with hints of almond flavor, seasonal sautéed apples that are tucked within a silky, vanilla bean flan and topped with a golden brûléed surface.

For those looking for a trendy birthday treat, Lady M offers a Green Tea Checkers Cake. This Instagram-able cake features dark chocolate and green tea sponge cake squares intricately woven together with whipped cream to form a checkerboard dressed in a matcha-infused white chocolate shell.

Finally, for those looking ahead to Valentine’s Day, Lady M has romantic options as well. The Strawberry Shortcake is created with superfine flour to produce a vanilla sponge cake unlike any other. It is paired with fresh strawberries among clouds of whipped cream.