Talented pastry designer Simone Faure, who honed her skillset in New Orleans, has transformed a successful career as a pastry chef into running an extremely popular bakery in St. Louis. Faure is known for her inventive custom cakes. She loves to use creativity in her designs.

“My favorite orders are from the people who say, ‘Do whatever you want.’ That is always interesting to me. I start to dissect this person. I love it. That’s when we get to play,” she says.

When it comes to serving sizes, Faure is adamant that a 6-inch cakes feeds 6 to 10 people.

When customers order a 12-inch cake, she advises that size of cake can serve 35 to 50 people. Her take is that customers can be subtly reminded (or retrained) that a great cake should be enjoyed in moderation.

“One of our 8-inch round cakes feeds up to 20 people,” she says. “That’s enough when you consider the quality of our cakes. I’m trying to introduce people to the way I enjoy things. Eat food that tastes really good and enjoy.”

Her creativity leads down interesting avenues, coming up with creations like the shop’s popular CAKEsickles. These popsicle-like cake pops are like regular cake pops, but are a fun canvas on the outside.