There are several great options for king cakes in New Orleans, which is known as the center for king cake deliciousness in the United States. How does one choose between so many great bakeries? One retailer is looking to compile all of these options into one easy-to-use shopping experience.

King Cake Hub, the brainchild of Will Samuels, looks to make searching for the right king cake much easier with a new website. Beginning November 8, customers are able to order king cakes from a variety of bakeries through the website and then pick up those cakes at a single location.

Five bakeries have been confirmed for King Cake Hub so far: Bywater Bakery, Cannata’s Market, Gambino’s, Girls Gone Vegan, and Hi-Do. Limited pre-ordering options are currently available, but more will roll out as we head into king cake season in early 2019.

Samuels says that King Cake Hub will eventually open a brick-and-mortar shop dedicated to selling these cakes, but the location hasn’t been finalized.

“We will probably have in the shop as many as 20 different flavors available,” Samuels tells The Times-Picayune. “We have several partners with years and years of Carnival tradition and some new kids on the block that are coming with some new products.”