With its recent name change to focus more on its beverages in addition to its other menu items, Dunkin’ has rebranding on the mind. The latest initiative in that strategy comes in the form of a new focus on espresso drinkers, with the goal of an entirely new espresso experience.

New state-of-the-art espresso equipment, a new espresso recipe, extensive restaurant training, and new espresso cups are allowing Dunkin’ to serve handcrafted hot and iced espresso beverages with a rich, smooth, balanced taste preferred by espresso customers, and in particular younger espresso drinkers.

“Espresso is one of the fastest growing coffee categories, particularly among younger consumers, and with our coffee credentials we believe we have a tremendous opportunity to improve our awareness and credibility among espresso drinkers,” says Tony Weisman, Chief Marketing Officer for Dunkin’ U.S.

The installation of new equipment in all participating U.S. restaurants has dramatically improved espresso bean extraction for the optimal espresso beverage. Along with extensive training of Dunkin’ restaurant employees, Dunkin’ is ensuring that it offers a stronger and more robust flavor profile in its espresso beverages.

As part of the rebranding, Dunkin’ espresso cups also experienced a redesign. The new cups are bright orange and feature an exclamation point “!”, to represent that the espresso beverages are bold, new, and exciting.

Dunkin’ has invested nearly $50 million to accelerate its beverage-led strategy, including espresso. That is part of an overall $100 million commitment that was made to the Dunkin’ U.S. business earlier this year.

“Relaunching espresso in our restaurants nationwide has been a tremendous undertaking, from installation of the new espresso machines, to the creation of the new, bolder taste profile, to the extensive employee training. This is a transformative initiative, and it would never have happened without the total alignment and support of our franchisees,” says Scott Murphy, Chief Operating Officer of Dunkin’ U.S.