One of America’s most famous dessert virtuosos, Christina Tosi, loves to impart her wisdom unto other baking enthusiasts. The Milk Bar founder is getting to do that in a big way, with the release of her new cookbook.

Published on Tuesday, October 23 through Clarkson Potter, Milk Bar: All About Cake exposes readers to a creative cake universe. The cookbook covers all areas of cake, from two-minute microwave mug cakes to Tosi’s signature naked layer cakes filled with pops of flavors and textures. Readers will learn how to make Milk Bar’s famous cake truffles, as well as buttery Bundt cakes and delicious pound cakes.

In the book, Tosi reveals tips and tricks that allow readers to invent creative cake flavors and make the ordinary cake flavors extraordinary. According to its description, the book will “be your guide for how to dream up and make cakes of any flavor you can think of, whether you’re a kitchen rookie or a full-fledged baking hardbody.”

Christina Tosi has become one of the biggest names in baking thanks to her ingenuity and hard work. She is a two-time James Beard Award winner, has opened Milk Bar locations across the country, and has been featured on shows such as Fox’s MasterChef series and Netflix’s Chef's Table: Pastry docu-series. Tosi has also published two additional cookbooks, Momofuku Milk Bar in 2011 and Milk Bar Life in 2015.