On Tuesday, October 9, Southern California's Porto's Bakery & Cafe officially launched its Bake at Home frozen product line. The service, which is available nationwide, will be available through online ordering on the bakery’s newly redesigned website. Porto says that frozen products (their famous pastries, potato balls and much more) from Porto’s Bake at Home will be shipped with baking instructions to customers across the country.

“The future is now,” Beatriz Porto, Porto's vice president of community relations, says of a valuable lesson from her brother, Raul. “The moment you stop learning, you might as well retire.”

Each Bake at Home product comes with instructions on how to bake the order. They are stored on dry ice and are typically shipped to customers in about two days. The five products currently available for ordering are Refugiado guava and cheese pastries, cheese rolls, guava strudel, dulce de leche besitos cookies, and meat pies.

“Because they are frozen upon delivery, you can either bake them right out of the box or you can place the pastries in the freezer for another time,” says Luis Lluis, Porto's director of e-commerce. “The baking process is pretty simple. It’s very similar to the chocolate chip cookies you get from the market. The only additional step we request is two pans, you stack one pan upon another to protect the pastries from burning on the bottom.”

Porto’s operates locations in Burbank, Glendale, Downey, and Buena Park, and a fifth store that is soon to open in West Covina, California. Rosa Porto opened the bakery's first storefront in 1976 and it has gradually grown ever since. In fact, the bakery has become so famous that in 2016, Porto’s took the number one spot on Yelp’s “Top 100 Places to Eat in the U.S.”